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Bridal Corsets

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We sell corsets to a lot of people for a many different reasons, but one of our favorite pairings is the marriage between a bride and her corset. Traditionally brides spend a fortune on looking their very best on their wedding day, and just like a house cannot be built without a foundation, a wedding gown cannot look its best without the proper undergarments. This foundation needs to be planned for, and anticipated, well ahead of the actual event. Although many corset styles can be purchased in standard sizes, some custom fitted bridal corsets can take many weeks to design, and should not be left to the last minute. To achieve an hourglass figure a corset is a necessity. A light-weight bustier or girdle may be substituted, but it will not produce the waist reduction of an authentic steel boned corset, and it will rarely hold up under the pressure of a full day of wedding events. A bride needs the strength of an authentic corset that can nip in her waist by 2-6 inches and create the foundation necessary for her gown to flow gracefully and fit smoothly over her beautiful figure. At Corset Connection we sell a variety of bridal style corsets, as well as making completely custom fitted corsets. Depending on your figure and the style of your wedding gown you may be able to wear a standard size corset, or you may need (or want) to have a custom fitted corset designed. Whether you are looking for classic styling, a modern silhouette or a unique design, we are here to assist you each step of the way.


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