Corset Sizing and Measuring Guides

Corset Sizing

Corset sizing varies from style to style, and designer to designer. Ordering a reduced waist size in a specific style and size does not mean all styles in this size will accommodate you the same way. Therefore, we recommend submitting measurements when ordering to ensure the fit (See measuring guide below). We are happy to provide sizing information on specific styles upon request. If you are unsure as to which styles will best accommodate you, feel free to contact us. Corsets should be ordered 4-6 inches below the natural waist measurement for proper function and fit. Keep in mind, a solid frame has less give than a softer frame, and a 6 inch reduction would not be recommended in this case (large lacing gaps may result). Corsets should not be ordered with a 2 inch reduction, unless the wearer is waist training or tight-lacing and requires the next smallest size. Ordering in 2 inch reduced waist sizes will require made to measure and an additional fees will apply.

Measuring Guides:


  1. The fullest part of your bust (not bra size - measured over bra)
  2. Bra cup size or form size if applicable
  3. Under bust measurement (not bra size)
  4. The narrowest part of your waist (directly under your rib cage)
  5. Around the top of your hip bones
  6. Around lower full hip
  7. Waist to ankle - long skirt styles
  8. Shoulder strap (bras, halter/strap styles)

How to Measure

  1. Wear your standard undergarments.
  2. Use a fabric tape measure - keep parallel to floor when measuring.
  3. Ask someone to assist you so your arms are relaxed and tape is parallel.

Standard Sizing note: In order for a standard size corset to properly accommodate you, your bust, and hip measurements must be 3-4 inches larger than the corset pattern measures closed (based on 4 inch reduction - solid frame).

Cup styles and bras accommodate a A-C cup. D cups or larger require made to measure (additional fee applies).