Corset Sizing Help

All corsets are sized by waist size, in 2" increments. Corsets should be ordered 4-6 inches below your natural waist measurement, depending on the desired effect. If you are tiny, then your waist will not compress as easily, nor as far, as a person who is larger. (The larger we are, the more we squish!) A good rule of thumb is to order a corset 4 inches smaller than your current waist size (see below) if you measure at 32" or less. If your waist size is 34" or higher, then you should order your corset at least 6" smaller. Keep in mind that the lacings will not show skin through the back if the corset is ordered too large. If you are waist-training, or tight-lacing, a new corset should be ordered when you are able to lace your corset completely closed.

Waist Size is typically determined by measuring snugly at the narrowest point (between your ribcage and hipbone, usually about one inch above the navel). Click HERE for a detailed measurement form and a guide to measurements.

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to e-mail us for questions on measuring and sizing. We are here to help you! The form below will cover most of the basic information so that we can help you make the best choice for your new corset. We are TG and CD and every BODY friendly, and very happy to help you with your selections. 



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