Overbust Corsets

Our selection of overbust corsets ranges from ready-made styles to custom designs

Authentic steel boned overbust corsets are designed to reduce your waist while enhancing your bust. Whether you wish for an hourglass figure with extreme cleavage in a Goth or Burlesque style, or a more demure neckline for a Bridal corset, Corset Connection has you covered! Authentic corsets are designed with multiple layers of non-stretch fabric for strength and structure. Our authentic overbust corsets hook in the front with steel busk closures, and lace-up the back with strong cord or ribbon style corset laces. Steel boning helps to form and strengthen the shape of each corset. Authentic corsets are available in both standard and custom sizes, are designed by waist size (not by bust or dress size), and will fit a wide variety of sizes and figures. Many of our steel boned corset designs are ideal for plus-sized figures, male bodied figures, and can also be custom fitted to your exact measurements.

Please contact us for assistance with sizing, or for an virtual appointment with a Personal Fitting Specialist.

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