Underbust Corsets

Corset Connection carries a large variety of high-quality, authentic, steel boned underbust corsets

Our extensive selection of steel boned, authentic underbust corsets will fit most all figures: petite, full, male figures, short, curvy, and tall. Designed for waist training, tight lacing, occasional wear, body shaping, and fashion, our underbust style corsets are worn just under the bust, covering the ribcage and torso to the hip area. Our underbust corset styles are ideal for body shaping under your daily clothing, and can be worn with or without a bra.

Our authentic, steel boned underbust corsets can be used for fashion (paired with a top or dress), occasional wear (for that special evening), and waist training or tight lacing. Please click here for a selection of underbust corsets that are ideal for waist training.

Contact us now or submit your measurements via our Corset Sizing Form for help selecting the corset style that is best for your figure.

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